Manufacture / Sales Shredder

DAEJIN KOSTAL is Korea No.1 shredder manufacturer, seller and exporter since 1974.
DAEJIN KOSTAL makes and sells for accumulated technology and continuous R&D for product design, sophisticated technical drawing and production. Our brand is ‘Kostal’ is growing with well-known brand in worldwide market such as US, Japan, Russia, Chinese, Taipei and other countries. DAEJIN KOSTAL CO., LTD. makes a promise to do continuous research and development for better quality services and products.

Mobile Shredding Service

Mobile Shredding Service for non-shredder owner customer and collecting documents & materials / Installation Heavy duty shredder for Company, School and Government office.

System Shredder

Kostal Non-stop Shredding System

System shredder is suitable for shredding confidential documents such as personnel-related data and files ideal for banks, national offices and military. This system has got the shred capacity of world best and it is automatically processed in Documents feeding, Multi stage shredding and Compression. It is becoming the essential solution for document security at present

Multi-stage Shredding System

There are modularized Conveyor belt, Shredder, Baler and PLC controller in Multi stage Shredder.
Multi stage Shredder can shred material with high speed and high security level. End user can controls all components easily. This kind of shredder is designed for suitable working circumstance for end customer.