Main Function


Special Hardened cutting mechanism
The life of any shredder is dependent upon the durability of the cutter. The KOSTAL cutter is made of special steel that has been heat-treated to a very high specification and specially ground to ensure longevity.

High Quality Geared Motor
KOSTAL shredders are run by a powerful and efficiently geared motor designed for high performance of cross-cutting with minimal noise.

Auto-Sensor Stop
When the waste basket is full, the motor automatically stop.

Door-Safety Auto Sensor System
To ensure safety, the motor automatically stops, if the cabinet is opened.

Auto-Start by micom system
When paper is fed into the shredder, the optical sensor automatically starts the operation.

Optical Sensor Sensitivity Recovery Function
KOSTAL shredders are equipped with the auto optical sensor recovery function in case that the optical sensor loses its sensitivity. Just press the stop button for 7 seconds, the optical sensor will recover its sensitivity.

Auto-Stop for cutter revolution
If shredding is continuous over 40minutes, the cutter revolution stops automatically.

Auto Control Reverse System
In case of paper jam, the built-in IC panel board immediately switches the motor into reverse and alarm.

Self-Diagnosis System
The usage of KOSTAL shredders such as the operation time, the number of auto-reverse and the quantity of the shred paper, are recorded in the main IC and can be displayed for the after sales service check.

Auto Stop by micom System
If shredding is done, the motor stop automatically.

Auto Cleaning
In the event shred capacity is decreased, press reverse button for 5 seconds; shredder will run in reverse for 1 minute and clear out all particles in the cutting head.
Safety circuit breaker KOSTAL shredders utilize a safety breaker to ensure safe and easy operation.

Manual Function
In order to shred the small size paper of the undetectable OHP films, KOSTAL shredders are equipped with manual function.


Safety circuit breaker
KOSTAL shredder utilizes a safety breaker to ensure safe and easy operation.

Prevent for Electromagnetic Wave
Prevent Electromagnetic waves, using by noise filter.

Oiler System
Oiler system is working for refueling oil to shredder cutter equally and shredding of cutter smoothly.

Auto Oiling Alarm
Shredder signals when it is time to inject oil to the cutting heads to maintain max. shredder capacity.

Auto Feeder System
For shredding many papers at once, Auto Feeder system shred papers automatically, solves paper jam and overload problem.