System Shredder

A system shed is a shredder that continuously shreds a large amount of documents. The sedan is divided into several stages according to document throughput and other conditions. It is usually composed of 1 st to 3 rd, and the stacked document chip is conveyed to the conveyor. Depending on the option, a large capacity compressor is installed at the end .

As you can see in the picture below, it will be customized through consultation to suit your environment.

Actual usage example 1.

It is the photograph of the thread of the system shredder which was delivered to the mother bank. It becomes a sedan in three stages and the compressor is finished in the end. The first sedan is large size, but the second, third, and finally it is 5x40mm, and this system has about 2,000 ~ 2,500 Kg / hr of processing capacity per hour.

Actual usage example 2.

Three system cleaners installed at Veterans Document Security Office. Starting from Unit 1, it is delivered to Unit 3 following Unit 2, and is used. This site regularly shreds large volumes of documents from public institutions and banknotes.