Trouble Shooting

Front Panel Problem Resolution

Turn power on or off

The shredder will not operate Be sure the 120V power cord is plugged in, the MAIN switch to the left of this label is on, and EMERGENCY SWITCH on right outside of cabinet is turned on.
The operations pad and the center “Oval indicator eye” lights are all off Check the MAIN SWITCH to the left of this label. Check POWER PLUG and EMERGENCY SWITCH on right outside of cabinet.
The shredder did not reverse when too much paper was fed. Touch the REVERSE button and clear the jammed paper. Shredder returns to AUTO and normal shredding process starts again.

Accessible by authorized individual to analyze model choice and shredder usage to enhance efficiency.

The waste FULL light is on and the shredder does not work Empty the waste container and the FULL light will turn off and the shredder is ready to operate again.
Paper jam not cleared by auto reverse operation. Insert a small batch of paper. If the shredder remains jammed touch REVERSE to allow the removal of the overfed paper load. Touch START to shred again.
The OPEN door light is on and the shredder does not work. Be sure there are no obstacles to the cabinet door closing. Shut the door and touch AUTO to begin shredding again.

Shredding will stop when door is open.
The shredder does not seem to accept as much paper to shred as it did before. Apply a modest amount of lubricating fluid in the throat.
Then touch the reverse button for 5~6 seconds. Shredder will run in reverse for one minute cleaning the cutting head.
The STOP light flickers. Over use Allow the motor to cool down for 15 to 20 minutes.
The MANUAL light flickers. Modest amount of lubrication fluid should be spread across the throat opening.
The MANUAL and REVERSE lights flickering. Indicates that the Manual Cutter Cleaning System is activated.